It has been quite a while since my last blog post. I have decided to try and move to a new blogging platform that will make it easier for me to type out my posts more easily.

When looking around, I decided to try also use it to learn a new technology, and since I still have not yet looked fully at ReactJS yet, I decided to make it a point to learn it at the same time.

Two options that seemed quite popular in this regard are GatsbyJS and Next.js.

Both seemed quite similar, are quite well documented, and both support static site generation. I preferred the way Gatsby handles things, especially its use of GraphQL to resolve data/files - e.g. you can write your blog posts using Markdown quite easily, or let it be processed by a plugin to embed a Tweet just by recognizing a Twitter link in the Markdown... pretty awesome.

I hope that this will not only improve my learning about ReactJS and GraphQL but that it will also mean some more knowledge sharing and blogging for me in future :)

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