git-run for managing many repositories


Some may make use of a monorepo, for example over there at Google, however for those of us that don't and have to deal with multiple repositories, possibly unrelated ones across various projects, then a great tool to have in your toolbelt is git-run, or just gr.

It can keep track of where your repositories are located, and can also be used to tag the various repositories. You can then run a git command across all of these repositories (or based on a tag).

To set it up:

$ npm install -g git-run
$ git tag discover PATH

One way I have been using that is to create a tag per project, so across a project which may have many repositories, I can see my git status across all of those by executing:

$ gr @project status

It can also run normal shell commands as well:

$ gr @project cat package.json

One thing I realised it didn't do in my git bash shell, was run my aliases that I tend to use (e.g. I have a complicated bash alias for a git log command). But luckily someone else has already got an open pull request to fix this (at least for bash), which suited my needs. Yay for open source!

Try it out and let me know what you think :)

Update: I also recently discovered when trying it on a new computer - make sure you don't forget to add tags to the repositories it discovers during gr tag discover, because it won't save its configuration and you'll get an error.

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