Time Tracking - Grindstone


If you have ever wondered how much time you spend on tasks, then try out the free tool called Grindstone, from the folks at Epiforge.

It has great features, and an easy to use, intuitive interface. You can: - Create tasks on the fly - Track time against a task, or add time manually - Create multiple profiles for tracking various tasks - Move time entries between tasks (in case you forgot to switch tasks while tracking) - Move tasks between profiles - Delete time entries - Export to XML

Plus more.

One nice optional feature, if anyone uses the Pomodoro Technique, is receiving a reminder every so many minutes to take a break. Another optional reminder for the workaholics, aptly called the 'Work-a-holic Deterrent', is one which reminds you that you've been working more than a set amount of hours and minutes.

One thing that bugs me is by default the icons 'flash' on each tick when timing a task (the play button and the icon in the Windows system tray), but it has settings to turn this off. That's what I love about it most, you're not tied down to using it the way they intended, but can configure quite a lot to fit your work flow.

Start using it now!

If there's any other time tracking tools you've found and like, post them in a comment (with a link). I don't think there's any out there now though that are as feature rich and intuitive as Grindstone.

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